Military Minute

Nolan County Veterans Service Office 235.2214
I was visiting with Nolan County Veterans Service Officer Robert McBride about those who may have received a Veterans Choice Card from the US Dept of Veterans Affairs pertaining to health care. This card by itself does not give you permission to seek healthcare anywhere you coose. If you choose to use this program, you must first call the number on the card and enroll in the program. If you do not and try to use the card like an insurance card for healthcare outside the VA, you will incur a bill that the VA will not pay. If you want to use this temporary program, call 1.866.606.8198 for more information. The Nolan County Veterans Service Office contact number is 235.2214 and the Veterans Service Officer is Robert McBride. # Air Force Airman 1st Class Cecilio Morado has graduated from basic military training at Lackland, San Antonio. Morado is the son of Martina and Emiliano Morado of Snyder. If you missed any of this broadcast, check Military Minute online at

If you are registered within the VA West Texas Healthcare system, you should be receiving your personalized Veterans Benefits Handbook, which will outline the benefits you are entitled to based on your current disability rating. This can save you time when you are questioning if you are eligible for a specific benefit. You can verify your possible eligibilty by your handbook, and then you can call the VA if you need additional information or assistance. And for those Veterans that have still not enrolled in the VA Healthcare System, it would greatly be in your favor. You earned your benefits, and you must use them, because in some cases, if you don't use, you lose. To enroll, do so in person at the Abilene or Big Spring location, whichever is closest to your home. Register as an "intake." If you choose Abilene, it can provide most basic services or obtain additional clinical help through videoconferencing with Big Spring. The VA toll-free number is 1.800.472.1365.